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Who doesn't love a guinea pig? If you love the than show it! They're not happy shut in a cage all day. If you want your pig to live a long happy life, just follow these steps:

1. Socialize: they love to be held. Pick them up by supporting all of they're body and move slowly so you don't stress them out if your new to holding them. Or, if your new to holding, you might want to sit on the floor next to they're cage and talk to them softly. Just remember: once you get a new guinea pig give him time to adjust to his new home.

2. Exercise: guinea pigs love to run around. If you let you're pig roam follow these steps to pig proof your home; 1. Close off any areas that you don't want him getting into, 2.PIGS LOVE TO CHEW, and they will eat just about anything they find, so pick up anything on the floor that you don't want teeth marks on, 3. My pig has never been in a ball or on a wheel, the thing with those is you must make sure they're big enough, because if they're to small the pigs could hurt they're back, and unlike other rodents they really don't need them if you let them roam

3. Healthy Foods: This page on the wiki will tell you what veggies and fruits you can and can't feed your pig.

But just remember the most important thing in guinea pig happiness is love. (and food and water:)

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