How to groom your pig:

Well, really it depends on the fur of your pig.

My pig has long fur: Brush from the front to the back of your pig. Make sure to brush the fur that's underneath the main layer of fur. Brush every day.

My pig has short fur: Brush from front to back, and make sure not to poke Piggie accidently. Brush every 2-3 days.


To bathe your pig, you'll need:

1 or more pigs

A human,

a small plastic basin,

kitten or small animal shampoo

Warm water

Step 1: Put the pig in the basin and pour some warm water into the basin. It should just cover your pig's paws.

Step 2: Gently pour some warm water on the pig's back. DO NOT pour water over it's head.

Step 3: Put some of the shampoo on your hands and work it into a rich lather.

Step 4: Suds up Piggie's back. Make sure that Piggie's back is nice and foamy.

Step 5: With one hand, pour some warm water over piggie's back. With the other hand, rinse the soap out ..


To dry your pig, you'll need:

2 towels

A small box

A thick towel

A hot water bottle


Step 1: Take a towel (not the thick one) and place it on the counter. Put your pig on the towel.

Step 2: With the other hand, pat the pig's fur with another towel.

Step 3: Fill your hot water bottle with hot water and wrap it with the thick towel. Place the water bottle in the box.

Step 4. Fill the box halfway with hay. Put the hay on top of the water bottle.

Step 5: Put your pig in the box. Piggie will have something to munch on and the water bottle will keep him warm.

When Piggie is warm and dry, place him back in his cage.

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