Here you can read about various Guinea Pig Diets.

These diets are not for everyday eating.

Also, your guinea pig shouldn't eat these diets if you don't think they're right for your pig.

Diet 1: Pregnant PigEdit

A pregnant guinea pig should eat the following: (You can mix and match breakfasts, snacks, and dinners.)


Breakfast 1: Three or four apple cubes with some beans and cucumber.

Breakfast 2: Two cut-in half grapes with kale.

Breakfast 3: A few yellow plum pieces with celery chunks.

Breakfast 4: Some melon chunks with watermelon and beans.

Snack 1: Take her out for grass.

Snack 2: Fresh hay and two carrots.

Snack 3: An orange quarter, and some fresh pellets.

Snack 4: Some kale and grass.

Dinner 1: Lettuce and pepper.

Dinner 2: Tomato and cucumber.

Dinner 3: Dandelion and sorrel.

Dinner 4: Orange and cabbage.

Make sure to provide as much hay, grass, pellets, water, and food as your sow wants.

Diet 2: Underweight Guinea PigEdit

An underweight guinea pig should eat the following: (You can mix and match dinners, snacks, and breakfasts.)

Breakfast 1: Baby Bok Choy, Lettuce, and cherry pieces.

Breakfast 2: Plum, Collard Greens, and Carrots.

Breakfast 3: Grass, Cucumber, and Yellow Plum pieces.

Breakfast 4: Sorrel, Dandelion, and Blueberries.

Snack 1: A handful of sliced strawberries.

Snack 2: Take it out for grass.

Snack 3: A hanful of hay.

Snack 4: An orange quarter.

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